Dr Ellie Friedman, Ms Jackie Robertson & Mrs Lily Meszaros
Dr Ellie Freedman, Ms Jackie Robertson and Mrs Lily Meszaros

Over three dozen guests joined for a the symposium to hear three outstanding speakers talk on subjects concerned with the well-being of women and children, albeit from very different angles. July 2015


Dr Eleanor Freedman MBBS, BSc, MRCP, FAChSHM spoke about modern forms of contraception particularly those suitable for use in the field when women have difficulty in attending clinics regularly. Ellie has sixteen years post-graduate specialist health experience, in family planning and sexual assault and is a WPF Trustee .

Ms Jackie Robertson explained how ChildFund programs in developing countries increase standards of resilience and confidence in children and young people, making them able to make informed life decisions. ChildFund is a WPF grant recipient NGO where Jackie is a Child Protection Specialist.

Mrs Lily Meszaros was orphaned in Rwanda and survived the Genocide against the Tutsi in 1994. Now with a career and family in Sydney, she runs the charity she founded, ROAR (Rwandan Orphans Assistance Response).

Sharon Ford, Alice Oppen and Priscilla Madris
Sharon Ford, Alice Oppen and Priscilla Madrid
Jackie Robertson, Anni Macdougall
Jackie Robertson and Anni Macdougall

Lily with groupgroup 16.7.15