Save the Children Australia


Save the ChildrenBuilding on a successful and valued association, WPF contributes to Save the Children’s Primary Health Care Program in Laos.  Through Save the Children Australia’s partnership with the Lao Ministry of Health, we contribute to training and mentoring of health staff, delivering nearly 50,000 family planning services. The funding contributes to improving the health status of the populations of Sayaboury and Luang Prabang Provinces through an integrated primary health care approach, with an emphasis on the health of women and their children.
WPF funds contribute to running mobile clinics to 126 remote villages in Nambak and Pak Ou districts.  WPF directly funded outreach to 50 of the villages across the two districts, and supported provision of family planning services to 8,480 women in remote rural areas.  Family planning counselling training was provided to 19 health centre midwives working in remote areas of five districts of Luang Prabang. Supplies and services are taken directly to communities.  Women who find it difficult to leave the village due to childcare and farm labouring can access a range of services including family planning.Philanthropy Award