Childfund Australia


Women’s Plans Foundation enables access to contraception in areas of need in the Asia Pacific region.  Through ChildFund Australia, we contribute for inclusion of family planning as a part of integrated outreach health services targeting 20,000 people in PNG.


ChildFundChildFund ‘s program in Myanmar began in 2012, following an extensive consultation with local partners and communities to determine both best practice model to implement programs, and also a thorough assessment of community needs.

ChildFund’s partner Precious Stones is a small and dynamic local NGO, working alongside the urban poor to help them transform their lives, situations and neighbourhoods in Myanmar. Working since 2006 for empowerment of women and youth in North Dagon and Insein townships in Yangon region, Precious Stones works to provide families, communities and children with access to education, health and microfinance. In Myanmar ChildFund provides Precious Stones with much needed capacity, support and assistance, in line with the Myanmar Government mandate to increase levels of civil society.

Many women in the project area lack access to reproductive health services due to high levels of poverty.  Child spacing, contraception options, support during pregnancy and childbirth are all areas where women have little access to information and support.  “Funds which were kindly provided by women’s Plans Foundation to this Health Project or Women in Yangon were applied to reproductive health awareness delivered to adolescents, training and support services for women in relation to birth spacing and sterilisation options….

Vietnam and Laos

WPF supported projects in Vietnam for many years and in Laos more recently.