Grant Overview

WPF makes annual grants to Australian-registered Deductible Grant Recipient non-government organisations concentrating on the Asia Pacific region. Our partners are committed to enabling access to family planning services, to working with local staff in overseas program areas, respecting the local cultures and are open in their planning and reporting.

Programs being funded in 2015-16 are in PNG, Timor Leste, Cambodia, Myanmar, Laos and Zambia.  In 2015 WPF’s overseas grants totalled $70,000. Every US dollar spent on family planning can result in savings of up to $6 on health, housing, water, and other public services in Africa and up to $13 in South Asia. *1

Our current grant recipient partners are:

These impressive organisations are accredited byAusAID, now a part of the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade.  It is hoped that AusAID’s focus on reproductive health will continue in areas where men’s views of ownership of women make continual childbearing a default setting for the woman’s role. Violence in gender relationships, or virility measured by the number of children, create barriers to women’s entry to health clinics where rapid population increase is perpetuating poverty. The proportion of the reproductive health allocation expended on behavioural programs for men as a prelude to reaching women and making contraception possible, means that existing levels of funding may not provide sufficient rural and urban family planning for a sustainable society.

Early Grants

Since inception in 2004, Women’s Plans Foundation has focussed on programs that directly bring family planning to women who lack it. Early grants supported a variety of projects to increase awareness and availability of modern methods of contraception.