Family Planning 2020

FP2020 is a global partnership of governments, donors, civil society, multilateral, technical and academic organisations creating together innovation and opportunity to advance family planning. FP2020 was created at the 2012 London Summit. More than 25,000 individuals and organisations have expressed interest in joining.

Melinda Gates
Melinda Gates

Over $US4 billion over eight years has been committed by governments and organisations including the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation to family planning.

WPF joined with other charitable agencies working in the family planning arena to celebrate this unprecedented global political commitment to family planning. At the Australian event, Marie Stopes International Australia, a key WPF partner, committed to reaching more than 20 million women with contraception by 2020. Foreign Minister Bob Carr committed to doubling aid for family planning over the following three years.

And the momentum?  The subsequent Government has cut Australia’s overseas aid commitment by $A11.3 billion.  FP2020’s, and WPF’s, work and collaboration are more needed than ever to maintain focus on family planning and population pressure.