WPF Alerts

Alert March 2017

Read the about the world response to Trump’s Global Gag; organisations and nations are combining to save critical reproductive health work.  See the Art Galleries event, update on this year’s scholarship Awardee.

WPF Alert March 2017



Alert December 2016

Season’s Greetings: No matter which Herod threatens, let us give the gift of hope where there are shadows.  Meet new Directors, overhear Family Planning Conference surprises, view the Australian Chamber Orchestra evening, catch up on scare population/contraceptive statistics.  alert-december-2016

Alert August 2016

The August Alert pays tribute to Dr Stefamia Siedlecky AM, an original Trustee, who died aged 95 after making an impressive contribution to medical specialties and the cause of family planning.  Symposium (July) presentations are highlighted, and YouTube videos have been posted.  Our thanks to Claire Stretch for filming and posting.  WPF Alert August 2016

Alert February 2016

This February Alert features our scholarship Awardee Sandra Katumo on the role of family planning for women in Kenya, Dr Jock Murray’s talk on related problems in The Kimberley.  Meet new Director, Don Hunton.  View past and coming Events, book for Bridge Day April 7th.  Above all, reach out with the compassion of family planning in an over-crowding world. WPF Alert Feb 2016

Alert October 2015

The special genius of family planning in overseas aid, a summary of the Symposium, fundraising news and coming events.  WPF A l e r t Oct.2015

Alert June 2015

Can your aid have the greatest impact?  Reports on our four NGO Grant recipients.  Ned Winn-Dix on researching receptivity to contraceptive methods in Tonga.  The prospects for overseas aid — review of the 2015 Federal Budget reductions.   WPF e-ALERT June 2015

Alert February 2015

Professor Jill White AM announced as Ambassador for WPF.  Family planning advocacy around the world, kicking Millennium goals.  W P F e-Alert Feb 2015

Alert October 2014

Symposium “Midwifery and Family Planning Make Great Bedfellows”, with Professor Caroline Homer, Aminata Conteh and a speaker from Afghanistan.  Welcome to Pauline Markwell, Development.  W P F e-Alert Oct 2014

Alert February/March 2014

Read about the new group, FP2020, linking everyone who cares that commitments made at the Family Planning London Summit in 2013 are being delivered as promised.  WPF Alert Feb:March 2014

Alert June 2013 report from Conference, Philanthropy and Events

On May 28 – 30, thousands of leaders and advocates from 160 countries gathered in Kuala Lumpur for Women Deliver 2013, one of the decades’ largest and most influential conferences on girls’ and women’s health and rights. Hear the conversation via the Women Deliver 2013 webcast, www.womendeliver.org featuring talks by some of the world’s leading voices on girls’ and women’s issues, including Melinda Gates, Graça Machel, Cecile Richards, Tewodros Melesse, and three UN agency heads, among many others. Over the course of the conference, sessions addressed progress and ongoing challenges in maternal health, family planning, equality, education, and violence against women, with an overarching focus on why investments in girls and women must remain a global priority in the lead-up to the 2015 Millennium Development Goal deadline and beyond.   WPF Alert June ’13 email version