PNG Population Doubling

PNG doctor, Prof Mola, explains the profound need for family planning as the PNG population now doubles every generation.

Population, Culture & Climate Change

WPF-Population-Culture-Climate-Changethe need for family planning, 2011, is a resource for medical practitioners, policy makers and others. The communiqué was presented to the Australian Government and received a very positive response from AusAID.

Wanted Children

Alice Oppen and Maria Deveson-Crabbe, CEO of Marie Stopes International Australia. Read these speeches.

Charity, Community & Social Media

WPF-Charity-Community-and-Social-MediaCharity, Community & Social Media is a practical guide to engage the young set with charities using modern technology. It was launched at WPF annual cocktail party by photographing the moment for FaceBook.

WPF Alert

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WPF Introduction

A video filmed and produced by FilmStretch